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places on your morning commute. but for the most part it will be another warm one for us. 70 degrees in most places around wakeup time. for noon we're looking at mostly clear skies and 85 degrees. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. 91 degrees for our daytime high. so another warm and muggy one for us. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> you can follow us on twitter. that is marylandtraffic@marylandtraffic. very simple. route 32, traffic moving nicely approaching the clob. in the rossville area, route 7 at king avenue, utility work, shouldn't cause delays, just keep that in mind. lanes are closed for construction, southbound 395 before 95, the right lane blocked. and same with eastbound route 50 before route 662 the right lane remains blocked because of a construction project. that should be cleared up in the next 30 minutes or so. jfx at 41st street there, traffic moving along nicely. back to you. >>> 67:00 6:00, no denying there are cangs at the inner harbor. two men were shot saturday night and that's enough to scare innocent people to skip the city. the may
. use caution there. as we check the jfx at 41st street, traffic is running along nicely in both the northbound and southbound lanes. back to you. >>> 6:01. you got to wonder what is the last big issue facing america that would bring out hundreds like this? >> senator ben cardin knew what he was walking into. he knew this was a hot-button issue but this is something even he's never seen before. abc2 news sherrie johnson with the health care talk that actually upsets your stomach. >> reporter: the health care debate that has been raging across the country made a stop in our area last night. senator ben cardin hosted a town hall meeting on health care reform at towson university. the center faced boos and jeers to president barack obama's plan. he didn't talk about many specifics and there are more than a thousand pages in the health care bill. cardin says several committees in congress are still working on different versions of health care reform but the senator told the crowd that doing nothing should not be an option. >> how are you going to keep my employer from stopping offeri
state park, a vehicle fire remains on the scene there so use caution. as we check the jfx, traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. jamie, back to you. >>> it's 6:00. this is bad. every coach will tell you this is what they are scared of most. linda so has a typical august practice that should be a warning sign for all of us. >> reporter: high school football players were gearing up for another season. it happened during practice yesterday around 5:00 p.m. players with the ken island buccaneers varsity team were on the field when they started to get sick because it was so hot. some developed cramps and nausea. none were seriously injured but they had to be taken to local hospitals for heat exhaustion. some were released last night. some are still there. caroline newman's son was taken to the hospital. >> they started feeling really bad, getting overheated. they all started feeling bad. >> reporter: this hot weather can be dangerous. remember, there are things you can do to prevent heat-related illnesses. stay hydrated, drink lots of fluids but stay away from alcohol and
in the area. use caution and there's probably a detour there as well. in howard county, reports of a crash in jessup, route 1 at route 175. use caution there. this is the jfx at north avenue. we have not a lot of traffic there but things are flowing freely at this time. as we check the mdot camera, 695 at the bw parkway, a little increased volume on the southbound side in the far side of the shot there but no problems at this time to let you know about. back to you. >>> 6:01. a tip to police on july 15th led us to this. two people from middle river arrested for child pornography. >> if you have a child you need to listen to this report. police want your help this morning. abc2 news cheryl conner is live at county police headquarters in towson with more. cheryl, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the details of this case are tough to hear. baltimore county police say 34-year-old john nicklas and his fiancee, 26-year-old shannon honea, sexually abused and videotaped children as young as 2 and in many cases in their middle river home. they were both arrested july 30th. we learned
this afternoon they will be widespread. so most of us will be seeing the thunderstorm. looking at a high of 89 degrees. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >>> as we look at the outer loop of the beltway at liberty road, you can see traffic is moving along without problems. a little bit of building volume on both loops us a make your way towards the route 70 interchange. the beltway is mostly incident free, no problems to let you know about at the tunnels. glenarm, harford road closed in both directions, between long green pike and factory road because of downed trees and wires. in pasadena, ritchie highway at route 10, traffic lights not working, police and sign boards in the intersection guiding traffic there. the inner loop at harford road, that earlier accident remains blocking the right shoulder so just use caution. the jfx at cold spring lane -- actually, this is north avenue, and traffic is moving along without problems. back to you. >>> 6:01. how frustrating is this? the man knows it, county knows it, bge, fire department knows it, they all know it but it continues. linda so live with
out there and very pleasant for us. however, we'll be seeing the clouds start to increase as we head into the afternoon hours. the moisture plume coming up from what was tropical storm claudette could be sparking a couple of showers and thunderstorms for us as we head into the afternoon hours. 90 degrees is what we're going to top out at. so warm and muggy and humid. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic is flowing nicely on southbound 95 at route 32 as you make your way through howard county headed towards the capitol beltway. still working several incidence about and around the county, anne arundel county, specifically glen burnie, crain highway at route 648 remains closed in both directions due to the earlier accident. you might want to try ritchie highway or route 97. in owings mills, a tree is down blocking all the lanes at canes road near care bear net road. use caution there. and blocked tractor-trailer eastbound route 50 if he severn river bridge and plumier avenue closed because of a watermain break. try southbound harford rote as an alternate. jfx and cold sp
. then this. a guy walks into a gim out near pittsburgh and opens fire. cheryl conner joins us. what happened here? >> reporter: police say the gunman swiped his swiped gym membership card, walked into an aerobics room, turned out the lights and started firing. in minutes the man shot at least 50 rounds leaving four dead including himself and injuring at least 10 others. all the deceased except the gunman are women. you're looking at the chaotic scene that unfolded after 8:00 last night. the superintendent of allegheny county says it's too soon to comment on a motive but local reports say one of the victims is the shooter's ex-girlfriend. the woman was shot in the thigh. listen now to the frightening accounts from the scene. >> everybody ditched and ran as fast as they could. that's all i heard, just bang, bang, bang. >> i could see flashes in the dark and that's when i realized someone was actually using a firearm in there. >> reporter: around 70 people were inside the gym at the time of the shooting. police are also saying they found the note in a gym bag that the gunman used to carry two g
we head into the afternoon hours. 82 degrees and partly sunny by noon. 88 for us this afternoon and again a around of thunderstorms and showers lasting into the evening hours. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. good morning. traffic is flowing freely and moving along without problems on 95 southbound as you make your way towards the beltway and towards the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. however, for abingdon, i'm getting word of a residential fire on route 7, philadelphia road between governor court and peaberly drive. also getting word of a crash northbound on the jfx at fayette street. another crash on the jfx northbound at charles street so use caution there. looking at the jfx at cold spring lane, no problems to let you know about as you're headed southbound towards downtown. back to you. >>> 6:00. big fire in essex to show you. i think you're going to hear one of the most honest interviews ever. abc2 news linda so is off off middleborough road in essex. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured in the fire but did cause significant damage to the units at th
of us upper 60s to 70. we are looking at basically dry conditions, just clear to partly cloudy skies across the area. we'll take you through this afternoon with our two-degree guarantee of 89. just an isolated storm popping up late in the day. >>> 6:00. let's go back to the roads with kim -- 6:01. kim brown. >> thank you. traffic is looking good on 95 southbound between whitemarsh boulevard and the 695 split. however, you can expect to see the ramp closed on 95 northbound to riverside parkway because of a crash there. also in pasadena, bedford road at clover hill road closed because of downed power lines. geneva is an alternate. in elkton, route 7 at cresswell avenue closed because of flooding. this is going to be the jfx at northern parkway. no problems to let you know about there. as we check also at the outer loop, this is 695 at liberty road, a little building volume but traffic is flowing freely at this time. >>> 6:01. backyard picnics. auto stores, parked cars and got to stop. >> you mentioned crime scenes where people have been stabbed and shot and today a rally will be held
work there. >> and there is someone watching us right now and may not know what they did. they hit a man on his bike so hard they killed him. they took off. and the police are going after the driver fast and furious. >> and a plea this morning from the family and killed in baltimore. the 67-year-old was hit by a white box truck and a right turn to west lafayette from maryland avenue. the accident happened after 11:30 on tuesday morning and caught on camera. but police could not make out the license plate and he clipped the back wheel of the truck. he was a cyclist for more than 20 years and headed to the university of baltimore where he was pursuing his third master's degree. the family says he was always safe on his bike and had mir yobs on the helmet. it has been more than the individual dough can bear. >> i kept calling and calling and it was going to voice mail. i was getting frantic you know. the world has not been the same since. >> so far police have a witness and if you were nearby and had ven information about that white box truck call metro crime stoppers at 866-7-lock- u
of us will stay dry just like yesterday. >>> let's see what's happening on the roads. >> reporter: no problems out there. disutly zero -- absolutely zero problems out there. traffic is moving nicely on the bw parkway. we have a couple of construction projects in the final stages are being wrapped up at this hour. southbound 95 at the o. donnel street exit. the right lane is closed. same thing on the outer loop between 895 and hammonds ferry road causing a little bit of jamming as you head towards 295, but no real delays at this time. looking here at north avenue, traffic is moving nicely at this hour. jamie, back to you. >>> you hear the hometown star michael phelps was in a car accident, and you want to know everything that happened. sherrie is live with us. >> reporter: first off, we want to say michael phelps is okay. he was not injured in that accident. we're here at the 7eleven in loch raven where everybody is talking about it. michael phelps with as in a car accident last night in downtown last night. once again, phelps was not injured in that accident, but the other female
's about to approach us. we had the hot steamy air mass. for today, nice and comfortable. we'll call it mostly sunny, although i do believe there may be a period midday where we turn mostly cloudy. get set for steam bath. straight up at 6:00. let's get you back to work with kim. >> thanks, justin. don't have any problems at either the harbor or fort mckinly tunnels right now. if you are headed towards the capital beltway, we have a free and clear commute as you get started for your friday morning rush hour. the roads are clear as far as accidents go, but if you are headed downtown, keep in mind charles street will be closing at 7:00 a.m. dwen center streets and reed streets because of road work repair. also westbound northern parkway between rowland avenue and falls road. the right lane remains closed. use caution if you are traveling in that area. this is going to be the jfx at north avenue. traffic looks good in both directions. jamie, back to you. >>> a minute after 6:00. we don't know about the woman who was killed yesterday by a driver of a stolen car, but our reporters will fi
but again school does start in anne arundel county so use caution. a look out for the kids as they make their way towards the bus stop. still a couple of events in the city, crash still on the scene, harford road at north broadway. be aware of that. big watermain break downtown, saratoga closed in both directions between mlk and greene street. use pennsylvania avenue as an alternate. in hanover, the crash has been moved to the right shoulder. in glen arm a downed tree blocking all lanes, glen arm road at manor road. jfx at northern parkway, traffic is moving along without any problems. back to you. >>> 6:01. here we are, just hours away from playing rex ryan and the new york jets. >> news comes about a ravens rookie arrested at johnny rockets. abc2 news linda so joins with us more on tony fein. >> reporter: police say he was having dinner with a group of friends on sunday. at johnny rockets in the light street pavilion at the inner harbor, someone thought he had a gun. turns out it was a cell phone. according to the police report a security officer says he saw fein pass a large silver
southern pennsylvania. showers return midday and this afternoon. most of us in the lower 70s. we'll get to the low end of the two-degree guarantee high this afternoon at 85. there will be scattered showers and storms. >>> decked out in glitter and you can follow her on twitter. >> woo! >> kim brown. >> there he is, justin berk, making it work early this morning. checking here 695 at the bw parkway, things looking good in both directions, a little increased volume on the southbound side but that is to be expected. we're actually pretty quiet around the area. i have word of a disabled vehicle on the north side of the outer loop, approaching the stevenson exit, be aware of that. and georgetown road and slate avenue, use caution there as well. you can follow me on twitter, maryland traffic to get your updates tweeted to you directly. jfx at northern parkway, traffic moving along nicely. back to you. >>> we're coming up on 6:01. she was sitting in her house watching tv. >> it's amazing. just minding your own business, a stray bullet from the outside world comes in an hits her. sherrie johnso
. and also philadelphia road between route 543 and abingdon road closed. try using route 40, pulaski highway also. jamie and megan, back to you. >>> kim from the rooftop to your basement to the roads, you are covered in rain this morning. abc 2 news linda so with how bad it. >> reporter: many of us heard the rain and wasn't back to sleep and others weren't so lucky when the rain started pouring into their homes. we look at the overnight photographer pete on the street o'neal. what happened to this family is any homeowner's nightmare. their basement was completely flooded out. they just bought the brand new house ten days ago and today is the homeowner's birthday. it happened near pikesville. the outside drain got socked with storm debris causing the mess. then in west baltimore county this is something you hope you never to do, scoop water out of your car with the plastic cup. this man was driving home when he came upon a flooded street near timber grove road. the driver says it was so dark he didn't realize the road was flooded until he was in it. he and his friends managed to escape. >> y
a little help getting another car. >> shutting it down early would have been easy for us, would have saved us overtime for the clerical staff but a lot of people would have been left out that could have otherwise qualified. >> the darcars dealership took in more than 1,500 clunkers and are owed more than $6 million from the federal government. >>> a new study says the h1n1 flu virus could cause up to 90,000 deaths in this country if it resurges this fall as it's expected to. the report by presidential advisory panel urges speedier production of a vaccine for the flu and the availability of some doses by september as students start to head back to school. it's happening soon. the trials continue at the university of maryland but at this point there is no vaccine available. on the first day of school for kids in anne arundel county parents and school administrators are very concerned. trials on children began last week but the timetable for producing mass doses still points to mid-october. the parents get their kids getting into the swing of things, it's a lack of information that remains on
thinkfully dedicated his life. >>> stay with us for more on the death of senator ted kennedy. "good morning america" will look back at the senator's life and career. you can get the latest at you can also leave comments about the senator's death on our web site. it's the first story on >>> now to the video you will only see here on abc2 news. a city cop rear-ended as she sat at a light early this morning at wabash and northern parkway in northwest baltimore. the driver was taken to the hospital, will be ok. no word on if the driver will be charged. >>> to exclusive video from northwest baltimore. fire crews investigating a house fire on oak hill street around midnight. we're told everybody inside made it out ok. they are now being held by neighborhood services. no word now on how this fire started. >>> three young men from baltimore county are charged with gang raping three women in baltimore city. police say on july 27th two women accepted a ride from two men. this is near north calvert and west lafayette streets, downtown baltimore. police say that the men thre
surveillance video proving the death of 67- year-old jack gates was the result of a truck driver. they tell us that the yeast family are deciding whether to show us the video. it clearly shows that the driver of the truck did not signal when it turned right on west lafayette killing the bicyclist. >>> senator ben cardin got another earful on healthcare reform. look at the crowd. everybody had manage to say about the nation's healthcare system. the meeting was held inside the theater. it only holds 500 people and that means many more were left outside. and on many oaks he was shouted out by demonstrators. but listen to this 11-year-old. >> say my dad and my grandfather both came down with cancer, would my dad get priority care because he's younger and can contribute longer to society? [ applause ] >> in today's system, there are different durations of care as a result of what healthcare plan you might be in. there's different coverage levels. but by age, there should be and will not be any discrimination as to access to care, there not be. >> the nor is still not finished pushing the healthcare
us know that abc2, starting 7:00 this morning, "good morning america" will be live at the university of maryland school of medicine to report on the beginning of those human trials for the h1n1 vaccine. >>> steamy summer temperatures rushed to maryland. it's expected to be so bad the next couple days that baltimore city issued a code read heat alert through tomorrow. six cooling centers across the city opened yesterday. this one at the northern community action center was handing out water to help them cool off. >> drink plenty of fluids and try to stay cool and if you don't have to go outside don't go outside. you see where we are. inside, under the air. >> those cooling centers will open at 9:00 today and tomorrow and will close at 7:00 each night. each center has air conditioning, water and ice on hand. the city also is providing free bus service to help people reach the cooling center if they need that help. tips, drink plenty of liquids, like water and juice, avoid the caffeine, it dries you out in weather like this. reduce outside activities, wear light weight and light colors.
are light but enough to bring us into this chilly air mass and is going to stay well below normal for the next couple of days. perry hall 60. harford and cecil county, upper 50s to near 60. in fact north harford middle is checking in at 57 degrees now in pylesville. the clouds and even the rain in southern maryland, at the bottom of the screen, that will stay to the south of baltimore but as we head in through the day, our mostly cloudy to partly sunny sky will only yield an afternoon temperatures of 73 and chance of rain once you cross the eastern shore, across the bay bridge. as we head through the morning let's check the roads and remind you there are more school buses out there. please be careful. >> definitely, especially if you're traveling through the residential areas, keep in mind the kids are walking to the bus stops so definitely use caution. in anne arundel county, route 50 at route 97, traffic moving nicely as you you make your way towards the capitol beltway and northbound 97 towards the baltimore beltway, no real problems. the tunnels are incident-free. if you're he
for a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere. and remember, it can take up to two weeks for used books from on-line buyers to reach you so shop early >> in if you missed anything that terry was talking about we have posted all our "financial survival guide" information with the textbook information on including the web site where you can get great deals on textbooks. >>> let's look at weather with justin berk. >> good morning. 6:15. 69 degrees in town. hugging low 70s around the eastern shore and out towards the beaches. we've got the moisture in place. we've got ourselves at least the environment in place. and all eyes are pointing at a couple of different weather systems. more clouds up to the north and showers across central new jersey and pennsylvania. that is along a frontal boundary. that frontal boundary itself extends all the way back through chicago and then drops across the central plains. a wave of low pressure is going to try to keep that boundary just to our north and if anything help to push in a little more of that westerly wind. that is really important becaus
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21